12 Jan 2009

Kickassgirlz.com Miko vs. Cat II Fantasy Match Review

Kick Ass Girlz Attire/Record

Miko: Black Bikini With Skulls (0-2-0)

Cat: American Flag Bikini (2-1-0)

In this rematch, will Miko be able to get revenge for the loss in their first match and defeat Cat?

The match starts off with Cat challenging Miko to a match after Cat found out Miko is with her man, Cat then uses Miko’s hair to pull her to the ground. Cat then locks Miko into a head scissors, Miko bites Cat in the leg to break the hold before putting her in a head scissors of her own. Cat uses some biting of her own to break the hold, Cat then applies the camel clutch to a very confused Miko.

Miko breaks free and quickly gets on top of Cat to start choking her, Miko releases the choke so she can level Cat with some belly punches before reapplying the choke. Miko releases the choke again to apply a modified chicken wing on Cat, Miko then uses the sleeper hold on Cat. Cat uses a snap mare to break free and she begins choking Miko, Cat then uses some belly punches on Miko.

Cat releases the choke to use Miko’s own hair to choke her with, Miko uses an elbow strike to break free before applying the body scissors on Cat.

As the battle continues, will Cat get revenge on Miko for being with her man?

Match Thoughts: These two have previously fought before on Kick Ass Girlz, Cat defeated Miko in a best three of five falls match. Even though she is winless at this point, Miko continues to be the only KAG wrestler who trash talks throughout the match as she is losing.

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