07 Jan 2009

Kickassgirlz.com Heidi vs. Miko 2007 KAG Title Tournament Opening Round Match Review

Kick Ass Girlz Attire/Records

Heidi: Pink Leopard Print Bikini (0-0-0)

Miko: Pink Leopard Print Bikini (0-1-0)

In this opening round match in the 2007 KAG Title Tournament, who will advance to the semi-finals, Miko or Heidi?

This match starts off with Miko quickly forcing Heidi to her knees, Heidi then uses her strength to shove Miko to the ground and apply the head scissors. Heidi then uses Miko’s own hand to punch Miko in the face with, Miko eventually breaks free to apply the head scissors to Heidi. Heidi bites Miko in the leg to break the hold before applying the rear naked choke hold, Heidi then applies the modified cross bow stretch to Miko.

Heidi releases the hold to apply the suffocating camel clutch to Miko, Miko is eventually forced to tap out and Heidi gets a point.

Already up by a point, will Heidi be able to maintain the lead to advance in the tournament?

Match Thoughts: This was another very fast match, which it may seems, will be the theme on the tournament from opening round to the finals. Heidi did a very good job as the much stronger fighter in the match, while Miko continued to be her trash talking self.

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