24 Nov 2008

Knockoutgirlz.com Christie Ricci vs. Deanna Belly Punch Match Review

Knockout Girlz Attire/Records

Christie Ricci: Black Bikini (3-0-0)
Deanna: Blue/Yellow/Pink/Light Blue/Green Bikini (0-1-0)

In the belly punch battle, current KOG Champion Christie Ricci takes on the winless Deanna in a test of wills….and bellies.

The video starts with Deanna doing ab crunches when Christie Ricci comes up to her, Christie Ricci asks her if she can use her to work on her jabs and Deanna accepts.

The match begins with Christie Ricci starting to clobber Deanna in the belly with several hard belly punches that Deanna sort of laughs at. Christie Ricci then levels Deanna with a hard belly punch that rocks Deanna, Christie Ricci then moves Deanna to the ropes and continues to belly punch her. Christie Ricci then starts using left and right jabs to Deanna’s belly before bringing her over to the corner.

Christie Ricci then starts nailing Deanna in the belly with several belly punch combinations, Christie Ricci then starts using her knockout punches on Deanna’s belly. Christie Ricci then starts throwing only left handed punches to Deanna’s belly, Christie Ricci then uses a combination to Deanna’s belly and Deanna falls to the mat below.

Christie Ricci then gets on top of the fallen Deanna to hit her with many kidney punches, Christie Ricci then mounts Deanna’s belly and continues to belly punches. Christie Ricci then starts causing Deanna to convulse with each new belly punch, Christie Ricci then brings Deanna to her feet before putting her in the corner to hit her with more belly punches and Deanna falls again.

Christie Ricci picks Deanna up and puts her in the corner before hitting her in the belly with power punches that drop Deanna again, Christie Ricci then ties up Deanna in the ropes so she cannot fall as Christie Ricci still beats her badly with belly punches. Christie Ricci lets Deanna free her legs before hitting her with more belly punches, Christie Ricci continues wailing on her belly with more belly punches while saying how tough Deanna is.

Christie Ricci then starts letting Deanna picks which hand she will deliver the belly punches with, Christie Ricci then drops Deanna to the mat with more belly punches. Christie Ricci then picks Deanna up again to hit her with more belly punches that drop her to the ground multiple times, Christie Ricci then taunts Deanna before leveling her belly with more belly punches that drop Deanna to the mat.

Christie Ricci then forces Deanna to sit in the corner while she hits her with more belly punches, Deanna starts crawling away in pain while Christie Ricci hits her with more belly punches.

Will Deanna be able to continue to take the belly punches or will KOG Champion Christie Ricci finally find the blow that puts her away?

Match Thoughts: This was the first belly punch match I have reviewed for either Knockout Girlz or Kick Ass Girlz and it was a good bout. Christie Ricci did a good job being the antagonizer as the match progressed, while Deanna did a fine job as the woman who didn’t know what she was in for.

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